Response to Longview Alliance from Chris Hughey, Project Manager of the City of Lee's Summit

The Longview Alliance asked Chris Hughey, Project Manager of the City of Lee’s Summit, to address some questions about Longview Farm’s listing on the National Register of Historic Districts.  We are very thankful for all of his work to provide the following information:


1.       Does the Longview Farm historical structures still qualify as a State Historical District on the State’s Register?

The Longview Historical District is still listed as a National Register Historic District.  There is some openness as to if the surrounding existing developments over the past several years would have some affect on the listing.  If there would be any thoughts on its classification this would occur by the National Park Service (NPS) who is in charge of all National Register of Historic Places (link).  That said any hypothetical modification to the listing would not diminish importance and desired restoration of these structures that is shared by many people including staff.

Also just a minor clarification, the state registry is actually all the National Register districts just filtered out with Missouri only listings.


2.       If so, do all of the structures still qualify for tax incentives and other preservation assistance?

Theoretically yes, the tax credits come from the state and federal governments.  If the owner would choose this route they would need to follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation (link).  The National Park Service and the MO State Historic Preservation Office with the Missouri Department of Economic Development would have to provide a definitive answer at the time assistance/credits are requested.


3.       If the structures are still on the Register, what would happen to their standing if we move some of the structures?

The National Park Service would have to make that determination.  More than likely those particular structures would no longer be listed as a contributing asset to the district since their surrounding context would change.


4.       Would relocating the structures within the district, help maintain its standing?

This is something the NPS would have to comment further on.  Similar to the response for number 3 this would likely make those individual structures no longer a contributing asset to the district, but is dependent on where they would be moved to and new surrounding context.


5.       Would the State Historic Preservation Office be willing to provide “cultural resource planning” assistance as outlined on their website?

That would be up to the SHPO if they have the capabilities to provide that resource.  The City as a “Certified Local Government” can apply for a grant from the SHPO to help fund “cultural resource planning” needs by the community (i.e. National Register District listings, Historic Preservation Plans (policy based)).  (See also response to #6.)


6.       Who should the City & Longview Alliance contact in the future with questions?

It would be dependent on the question or topic.  The SHPO is an excellent resource with a wealth of knowledge and personally I have always had helpful experiences with them.  Tax credit or specific rehabilitation questions should be directed to one of the preservation architects at the SHPO - Samantha Berhorst (573) 751-5376); National Register District/survey questions should go to Michelle Diedriech (573) 526-1680; for Certified Local Government program questions (CLG link) to Rebecca Rost at (573) 751-7958.

General historic preservation questions at the City level should be directed to Ron Seyl in our Planning & Codes Administration Department (816) 969-1600.  I too could assist Ron with inquires having previously worked with the HPC.


7.       Does the City of Lee’s Summit or the Historic Planning Commission have a position on relocating/moving the Longview Farm structures?  And a position on relocating the three historical structures directly impacted by the Kessler Ridge development being proposed?

Since this area is not within a “local historic district” the City’s HPC (HPC link) does not have a review procedure over any of the proposed development, and therefore does not have an official opinion.  However, the applicant/developer has presented to our HPC for informational purposes.