Join our voice to preserve Longview Farm and create a unique destination in Lee's Summit.


The Longview Alliance is a grassroots coalition of individuals that are dedicated to preserving the Longview Farm historical structures and maintaining the integrity of residential and commercial development in New Longview. Our goal is to work with developers and the City of Lee’s Summit, understand their development plans, raise awareness, and provide a unified voice for the community.

Why Now?

Understand a brief history of the Longview Farm barns and the current state of area development plans impacting these historic treasures. Let's work to turn the barns into a one-of-a-kind development in greater Kansas City.

Why Now? 


Tak a deeper dive into the history of the Long family, their national and local legacy, starting with R.A. Long - timber baron, community leader, and driving force behind the Liberty Memorial. 

Longview History 

Get Involved

Join our alliance and reach out to your Lee's Summit city council member to advocate your support to "Save the Barns". You can contact us to learn how you can help.

Get Involved 

Fun Facts

Did you know R.A. Long was Chuck Norris's maternal grandfather?

Ok, that's not quite true, but check out our list of fun facts and more on our blog.